Sunday, August 31, 2014

Workshop in North Perth

Today I facilitated a workshop in North Perth. It was a half day class with four ladies who did really well in the time available.

IMG_0776  IMG_0781  IMG_0789  IMG_0794

IMG_0797  IMG_0800

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Luscious Bead Workshop

Today i gave a polymer clay workshop at a craft shop in Perth. Some students had not used polymer clay very much but they all did a great job.

We used alcohol inks and foils to create some beautifully coloured beads for a necklace.

IMG_0629  IMG_0631  IMG_0630

It was quite magical watching the inks flow. It was also quite messy!

IMG_0638  IMG_0648  IMG_0650

IMG_0639  IMG_0647  IMG_0651

IMG_0655  IMG_0656  IMG_0657  IMG_0658

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yanchep Rose Trail - Yanchep National Park


This morning I walked the Yanchep Rose trail in the Yanchep National Park. It was an ideal day, cool and sunny.

The signpost walk takes you across the Wanneroo Road past old RAAF's WW2 radar bunkers, which  during World War Two (from 1942-46) the National park was occupied by the armed services. There were twelve women and ten men stationed at the base. It was during this time that the two concrete bunkers were constructed. Graffiti artists have painted the inside of the bunkers

IMG_0525  IMG_0527  IMG_0528  IMG_0529

The trail follows a sandy track for several kilometres to a limestone escarpment.

 IMGP0916  IMGP0913  IMGP0960

Diplolaena angustifolia, Yanchep Rose was blooming prolifically in a small area on the limestone.

IMG_0553  IMGP0934  IMGP0964

IMGP0968  IMGP0972  IMG_0561

Other flowers growing along the track.

IMG_0539  IMG_0578  IMG_0574 

IMG_0583  IMG_0598  IMGP0895

IMGP0906  IMGP0905  IMGP0919

IMGP0958  IMGP0915  IMG_0588