Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Broken Internet Project - IPCA Synergy Conference

Dan Cormier – “The Broken Internet Project will explore the ideas of virtual influence on our work, the impact of instantaneity and accessibility on artistic process, the nature of community and nationality in art in the internet age, authenticity, individuality, and personal interpretation, all through the work of established and emerging artists in the European polymer clay community. “

What a fantastic project. This project has stemmed from a previous Synergy Conference where Dan organised an experiment called The Broken Telephone Project after the game similar to Chinese Whispers . Dan sent a brooch he made to an artist who created another brooch inspired by his. That artist sent  their pin onto another artist who then did the same thing until there were eight brooches  based on another artist’s work.

At this year’s Euro Synergy conference Dan decided to expand on the project . He made it a European project, enlisting artists from the UK to Russia this time he sent them all a pin he had made and each of them created a  different piece from Dan’s inspiration. 

The brooch that started the project.


After Dan’s presentation the brooches were on display for everyone to look at.

IMG_4851 - Copy  IMG_4859

All the brooches are on display at

Here are some of the photos I took in Malta:

IMG_4828  IMG_4830  IMG_4832

IMG_4833  IMG_4834  IMG_4836

IMG_4837  IMG_4839  IMG_4842

IMG_4843  IMG_4844  IMG_4845

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