Friday, May 02, 2014

IPCA Synergy Conference

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Natalia García de Leániz and Daniel Torres  -  P-Art-Nership: ever thought of embarking on an art collaboration?

Art-nerships’, a concept that can take us and our art beyond any previous boundaries. Different, complementary or even opposite ways of working, seeing and understanding art and design can be combined to enrich the experience of artistic creation and, indeed, the ultimate results.


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                                      Collaboration  Debbie Crothers & Rachel Weaver 

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                                              Collaboration Donna Greenburg and Melanie West


Maggie Maggio Millefiore Magic: Color Tricks for Caners

Learn how to see color in a whole new light  focus on value, one of the master tricks to making your designs work at a small scale.  Move colors around and use outlining to make cane designs come alive.

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Georg Dinkel  -   Polymer clay meets hightech

Valuable things require a valuable framework. But what to do with your iPad? Your smart phone? What about making a tone shrine! Like a medieval craftsman, I am building appropriate housings for the adored by all high tech relics of our time.

Georg shrine won best of show honors in the IPCA Awards challenge.

Cynthtia Tinapple  said,”Georg’s presentation at Malta was stunning, amusing and inspirational. He makes his own tools from what must be an amazing basement full of odds and sods. His extruder was fashioned from an outdoor spigot handle, a length of pipe, a long screw, and a metal washer. His iphone shrine was built over the skeleton of a lamp salvaged from the trash.”

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