Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Klavdija Kurent Workshop - Lets Twist Again

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This was a good fun workshop extruding strings of clay and making textured beads.

IMG_4640   IMG_4648   IMG_4684  

Klavdija’s pink necklace                   Klavdija demonstrating                                                       Textured beads


The Makin’s Extruder is a really good tool to use. I’ve have done a lot with the extruder before this workshop, but it is always good to pick up additional information and ideas.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Melanie West Workshop - Make it Big and Organic

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I looked in on Melanie’s  workshop and helped her out with baking for a while. Melanie was working with large organic forms in Ultralight clay.

Her work is fantastic, I have admired her pieces for ages and had purchased one of her brooches in December.

Brooch melanie west 

My brooch by Melanie West

IMG_4455  IMG_4456  IMG_4457

Melanie’s work

IMG_4478   IMG_4479   IMG_4466

Melanie and students                                      Wendy Moore and Kopila Basnet

Kathleen Dustin Workshop - Translucent Layering Techniques

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Kathleen’s workshop was fully booked, so I couldn’t participate. However, Kathleen asked me to help out with the students in the class with the monitoring of the ovens and baking the clay pendants.

This was  really good as I could see what the students were doing, see Kathleen’s beautiful pieces up close and handle them.  Kathleen kindly asked me to come to see her demonstrations so I had a good incite to the workshop

IMG_4462  IMG_4463  IMG_4465

                                                                                   Kathleen’s work

IMG_4469  IMG_4471  IMG_4474

                                                  Kathleen demonstrating                                                                 Student’s pendants     

Monday, April 28, 2014

Maggie Maggio Workshop …….The Rose Collar

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IMG_4354   IMG_4427   IMG_4428   IMG_4409

Maggie’s Collars                                                                 Student’s roses                                Pam and Lee                                                       Pam – Rose

IMG_4434   IMG_4435  

                                  Donna Greenburg  Hand yoga Exercises 

IMG_4433   IMG_4448

Roses ready for Baking                   Maggie and Pam

Sunday, April 27, 2014

London Gatwick to Valletta, Malta

Up at 3am and heading up to Gatwick for my 6.25am flight to Malta. I like to have a window seat, look at the earth below and take photographs.

IMG_4327  IMG_4328  IMG_4330


IMG_4332  IMG_4334

I took a local bus north to Bugibba and found my hotel.

IMG_4336  IMG_4337  IMG_4339

Poppies, from the bus window.                               Dolmen Hotel                                                               View from hotel

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alfriston, Sussex

Alfriston is such a picturesque village. My brother Alan and sil, Jackie have lived here for ten years.


IMG_3669  IMG_3682  IMG_3685

IMG_3686  IMG_3673  IMG_3675

Thursday, April 17, 2014

UK ---- Here I go!

Lots of excitement as Ruth drops me at the airport as I’m off to Europe for a month! I’m attending the IPCA Europe Synergy Conference in Malta and catching up with family and friends in Cornwall and Sussex. The flight to Dubai (11hrs) was  awful. The plane was packed, I had an aisle seat and Emirates service was poor! This is a photo coming into Dubai and some of the airport, which was huge. I had to get n a train to take me to the next departure gate!