Saturday, February 22, 2014

Silver Metal Clay Retreat

Visitors to the Metal Clay Art Studio this weekend for a retreat were a lovely couple from Fremantle, Nadia and Peter.

Nadia was introduced to silver metal clay while Peter swam in the pool and watch the winter Olympics on television.

IMG_2673  IMG_2669  IMG_2670

Nadia is making elements for a bracelet. Here she is finding patterns and shapes that she likes from experimenting in polymer clay.

IMG_2674  IMG_2677  IMG_2678

These are the shapes in metal clay, they are dried and sanded, holes drilled and ready for firing.

IMG_2680  Nadia is firing the bracelet elements using a butane torch.

IMG_2686 The finished pieces ready to be strung together.

Nadia will send me a photo of the finished bracelet.


After a swim in the pool, time for champagne and nibbles before going out to dinner and watching the sunset over the marina at Two Rocks.

IMG_2659  IMG_2660

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