Thursday, January 30, 2014

Evening Sail on the Swan River

I had a lovely relaxing sail on the swan river with some friends. The city as a backdrop was beautiful.

IMG_8107  IMG_8114

IMG_8115  IMG_8118

IMG_8120  IMG_8133

IMG_8140  IMG_8145

IMG_8158  IMG_8156  IMG_8147

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paverpol Sculpture Workshop

I taught a sculpture workshop yesterday at Creator’s Corner, Canning Vale, Perth. The students got very sticky using the product Paverpol to make weatherproof statues.

Paverpol is a fabric hardener  which will dry in a day, it will adhere to wood, plaster, ceramic, clay, stone, concrete and polystyrene foam.

IMG_2152  IMG_2156  IMG_2157  IMG_2164

First a wire is formed and shaped, covered with alfoil and masking tape and the fabric dipped in Paverpol.

IMG_2177  IMG_2178  IMG_2184  IMG_2183

The statues are draped in fabric, fibres for hair and decorated with embellishments.

IMG_2190  IMG_2185  IMG_2191  IMG_2195

IMG_2197  IMG_2189  IMG_2187

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Polistes - paper wasps

I got stung today in the garden by these little wasps.They are Polistes paper wasps. The sting was very painful but soon went after applying ice blocks for about 15mins.

IMG_2139   IMG_2142   IMG_2141

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay, WA

Before the long drive back to Perth, I went to Two Peoples Bay and one of my favourite beaches, Little Beach.


GOPR0612   IMG_1964   IMG_1965


IMG_1967   IMG_1966   STB_1971


Friday, January 17, 2014

Albany Summer School – Zentangle Inspired Art Class

The students have achieved so much this week and produce some lovely art work inspired by Zentangle patterns

IMG_1788  IMG_1789  IMG_1913

IMG_1895  IMG_1918  IMG_1765

IMG_1782  IMG_1766  IMG_1905  IMG_1730 

IMG_1724  IMG_1727  IMG_1898

IMG_1922  IMG_1914 

Student – Meg & myself           Deidre & her amazing patterned shirt