Saturday, November 02, 2013

Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group save man

On Saturday evening, just before sunset, the TRVMRG were called out to an incident at Guilderton. We were informed at first that a dingy was in trouble with two people on board, however this was amended later to one man drifting half a mile out to sea. The police helicopter was searching for the man.
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We took our fast response boat to the mouth of the Moore River and started a grid search. Soon the helicopter located the man and gave us directions to get to him.
We found the man and threw him a life buoy which he managed to clamber into. As we pulled him along side the boat we could see that he was in shock and had hypothermia. He was shivering and confused. We wrapped him in a blanket and quietly spoke to him, telling him that he was OK and safe. He broke down with emotion and said he had been in the water for two hours. He said he tried not to panic had kept thinking about his wife and his daughter who had her second birthday the week before. This he said kept him going and as he tried to stay alive.
We took the man to meet the ambulance on shore  to take the man to hospital, unfortunately our boat got beached during the process.
We had to get the boat off the shore on a higher tide the following day. Click here for the news coverage of the incident
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