Friday, September 06, 2013

Portrait Artist Workshop

Today I attended a workshop given by artist Daniel Connell.
The workshops held by the City of Wanneroo said “Daniel Connell, an Australian visual artist, uses drawn portraits in public places to generate respectful conversations about who we are as individuals and as a community. His portraits use scale and the direct gaze to create connections between viewers and the subject.”
It was a good experience and I learnt techniques and tips freely given by Daniel.
IMG_0840   IMG_0895   IMG_0842
Daniel explained how the face is divided up into proportions.
IMG_0835   IMG_0838   IMG_0847   IMG_0848   IMG_0855
Our life model and students drawings
IMG_0874   IMG_0880   IMG_0882   IMG_0886   IMG_0890
Another exercise, we had the choice of using coloured pencil or charcoal in our portraits
IMG_0899 (2)

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