Sunday, August 18, 2013

Girls Weekend at Metal Clay Art Studio

I had five lovely ladies from Bunbury and Busselton staying with me for the weekend. They had a great time making silver jewellery on one day and faux turquoise on the other.

IMG_0532   IMG_0533   IMG_0534

IMG_0537   IMG_0536   IMG_0542

These are earrings and pendants in the making. After moulding, texturing and shaping the clay has to dry out so all the water content is evaporated.

IMG_0561   IMG_0565   IMG_0562

IMG_0552   IMG_0563   IMG_0544   IMG_0557

IMG_0577   IMG_0579   IMG_0580   IMG_0581

IMG_0584   IMG_0582   IMG_0585

After firing the silver is burnished , polished and patina is sometimes added.

IMG_0568   IMG_0566   IMG_0567

In the evening we went out to dinner at the Yanchep Inn Restaurant wearing the silver jewellery.

The next day was making beads and earrings with polymer clay. We imitated turquoise by mixing several different colours together to form the beads.

IMG_0575   IMG_0576   IMG_0589  

IMG_0590    IMG_0591   IMG_0594


The ladies all had a good time and Erin wrote this about their weekend :

'Pam is a professional artisan demonstrating a very broad & intricate understanding of many types of media. Her professional and life experiences combine to make workshops not only creatively satisfying, but informative and entertaining. Pam's gentle teaching manner, appreciation of the environment and knowledge of local history and culture make for the ideal host. After spending a memorable weekend with four friends staying in Pam's large, clean and homely bed and breakfast, I have come away feeling refreshed and creatively connected. Thank you Pam and I'm looking forward to another weekend with you and the girls in the future!'            Erin Sullivan, Busselton.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moore River, Guilderton

Drove up to Guilderton and saw that the Moore River had broken the sand bank and was following quite strongly out to sea.

IMG_0425   IMG_0427   IMG_0433
IMG_0434   IMG_0435

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nuno Felting

Kylie and Elizabeth were my students for the day and we had fun using Nancy Ballesteros wool tops and silks to make wall hangings, scarves and felt beads.
IMG_0387   IMG_0390   IMG_0394

                                                 Laying out wool tops onto silk, deciding on colours
   IMG_0404   IMG_0405   IMG_0411   IMG_0413
      IMG_0407   IMG_0415
                                                   A big thank you to Wilma Simmons for sharing her method of making felt beads.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sun City News - Washed Up, yacht on Alkimos beach

My photograph of the yacht has been published on the front page of our local paper The Sun City News. Sadly the body of Mr Denis Pallas’s dog was found and has now been buried.

Drawing Classes at Bindoon

This week we studied face proportions and then chose a photograph from a magazine to draw.
IMG_0527   IMG_0511   IMG_0521   IMG_0513
IMG_0525  IMG_0529