Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lori & Jack Phillips join TRVMRG with a Sea Rescue

My US visitors Lori and Jack Phillips had barely time to finish their lunch when I was called out by the Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group to help with a rescue 15nautical miles off the coast. A boat had engine problems and needed assistance to get back to the marina at Two Rocks. Lori and Jack were happy to come along for the ride and observe just how we operate a rescue.
IMG_7535    IMG_7560    IMG_7575
  Launching Guardian I, our fast response boat              Entering the position of the distressed boat into the navigation system                      Leaving the marina
IMG_7578    IMG_7601    IMG_7644
     “Hold on tight we’re speeding up”                                                        Speeding to the rescue                                           preparing to pass the tow rope
IMG_7656    IMG_7682    IMG_7715
                Attaching the rope                                                                Towing along smoothly                                                          Pam and Lori having a chat
IMG_7825    IMG_7848    IMG_7878
                  Reading the instruments                                         Avoiding the breaking swells                                                          more chat
IMG_7906    IMG_7936    IMG_7964
                                     Shortening the tow rope as we come into the marina                                                                           Coming alongside the jetty
IMG_7974    IMG_7990    IMG_8000
                                                                                                                            Safely at the jetty
IMG_8062    IMG_8065   IMG_9553
Putting Guardian I back on her airberth                                                Two Rocks Base                                                              End of the adventure

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