Monday, January 07, 2013

Albany Summer School 2013

Today was the start of the Introduction to Silver Metal Clay Class. I had 12 eager students that had not worked with this amazing medium before.
IMG_3740   IMG_3741  
IMG_3753  IMG_3754  IMG_3787  IMG_3888  IMG_3889
This student made a  “Frog in a Box “
IMG_3742  IMG_3763  IMG_3757  IMG_3788  IMG_3776
IMG_3743   IMG_3783   IMG_3751   IMG_3792   Students firing the Metal Clay to form the metal of pure silver
 IMG_3767  IMG_3764  IMG_3768  IMG_3774  IMG_3779  IMG_3773  IMG_3771
A selection of some of the students work over the two days.
IMG_3766  IMG_3759  IMG_3794  IMG_3781  IMG_3782  IMG_3770  IMG_3799
IMG_3772  IMG_3761  IMG_3752  IMG_3760  IMG_3796

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