Friday, January 11, 2013

Albany Summer School 2013 – Advanced Metal Clay Class

In this class the students firstly made two rings, one flat ring that would be hammered on a mandrel and the second would be formed on a mandrel.

IMG_1296    IMG_3853  IMG_1297  IMG_3860

IMG_3915     IMG_3916     IMG_3917

IMG_3876     IMG_3877     IMG_3884     IMG_1318

Darren sketches his pendant in his visual diary. He is using a dichroic glass cabochon wrapped with silver metal clay.

IMG_3880    IMG_3887   IMG_3919   IMG_3923

Jill covered two pebbles with silver clay, when they were dry she cut them in two and took out the pebble. She then joined the two halves back together and wrapped a strip of clay around each. After firing she oxidised them with liver of suphur.

IMG_3874  IMG_3875  IMG_3885  IMG_3929

Wendy used a spoon to form a silver clay. She made individual petals to form a flower in her pendant.

IMG_3913   IMG_3925   IMG_3927

John made a variety of pieces.

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