Friday, December 07, 2012

C Y O ‘Connor Institute Visual Arts Exhibition

The opening night of the Art exhibition by the Cert III & Cert IV students was well attended and a great success. The students are studying painting units with Julie Stitt and sculpture & textiles with me.
IMG_2956   IMG_2949  IMG_2970
John Scott, Director – opening the exhibition                        Julie chatting with John Scott                                   Viewing the artworks
IMG_2822  IMG_2838  IMG_2831  IMG_2980
‘Pop ‘by Sue Cray                                     Wood Nymph by Shelley Higham        Pole dancer by Sue Cray                 Garden Fairy by Diana Hawkins
IMG_2827  IMG_2824  IMG_2830  IMG_2861
Tornado by Deb Campbell                         Archer by Kristy Neuman                  Family Tree by Eleanor Butland          No Place to Run by Eleanor Butland
IMG_2884  IMG_2849  IMG_2887  IMG_2880
Slice of Paradise by Eleanor Butland       Fabricating by Margaret Oversby                Textile by Merryl Snowden                      Anchor by Linda Lyons
IMG_2883  IMG_2886  IMG_2850  IMG_2885  IMG_2862
IMG_2852    IMG_2897    IMG_2890    IMG_2851

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