Friday, November 30, 2012

TRVMRG–Skipper Training

Part of my training to become a skipper at the Two Rocks Volunteer Rescue Group is to hold a restricted coxswain qualification. So this week I have been travelling to Fremantle for the course. The course is held at the Challenger Institute of Technology  Fremantle (Maritime) Campus. It’s a bit of a way from Two Rocks to Freo, especially in the morning traffic.

Restricted Coxswain Course To 8 Metre Vessel. This qualification is aligned to the educational requirement for Certification as a Coxswain Restricted 8m as described in WA Department of Transport Regulations for the operation of a commercial vessel up to 8m, non-passenger carrying.

Most of what was taught on the course I had already covered so it wasn’t difficult and I was passed competent. I took some photos while I was there.
IMG_2636  IMG_2637  IMG_2635
IMG_2639  IMG_2683  IMG_2696

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