Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RAAF and TRMRG Helicopter Training Exercise

The RAAF Pearce came today helicopter exercise. The Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group provides assistance with a boat a) to standby in case a RAAF member gets into trouble in the water and b) the helicopter pilot will hover over the boat and the a man is winched down onto the deck. Over two days we did four hours of exercises. On the first day I was a crew  and on the second I was helmsman on the boat. This is part of my training to become a skipper. Here are some photos taken on the exercises.
IMG_2550    IMG_2525    IMG_2546   

IMG_1060   IMG_1074   IMG_2558
               Crew member Michelle Starmer                                   Crew Pam Annesley                                                                  Unusual vessel

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