Friday, November 30, 2012

TRVMRG–Skipper Training

Part of my training to become a skipper at the Two Rocks Volunteer Rescue Group is to hold a restricted coxswain qualification. So this week I have been travelling to Fremantle for the course. The course is held at the Challenger Institute of Technology  Fremantle (Maritime) Campus. It’s a bit of a way from Two Rocks to Freo, especially in the morning traffic.

Restricted Coxswain Course To 8 Metre Vessel. This qualification is aligned to the educational requirement for Certification as a Coxswain Restricted 8m as described in WA Department of Transport Regulations for the operation of a commercial vessel up to 8m, non-passenger carrying.

Most of what was taught on the course I had already covered so it wasn’t difficult and I was passed competent. I took some photos while I was there.
IMG_2636  IMG_2637  IMG_2635
IMG_2639  IMG_2683  IMG_2696

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stormy weather at Two Rocks

Wind speeds of up to 100kph were recorded in the Perth metro area and beaches along the south-west coast were closed as surf conditions became too dangerous, ferry services to and from Rottnest Island were cancelled.

Huge waves were hitting the rocks today. I took these photos on Wednesday afternoon.

IMG_2656   IMG_2661   IMG_2679

IMG_2663   IMG_2667  IMG_2655

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kaleidoscope Canes–Polymer Clay

I had a great class today at Capricorn Community House, Yanchep. The students first of all learnt to make a ‘skinner blend ‘and then a kaleidoscope cane. This cane known as a complex cane is not really very hard to make as it is made of one large cane, reduced and cut into six segments.
A Skinner Blend is a technique allowing the even gradient blending of two or more colours of clay, developed by Judith Skinner. Here are some photos of my students making the skinner blends.
IMG_2569   IMG_2570   IMG_2571
We made several canes and then grouped them together.
IMG_2573  IMG_2581  IMG_2583
We then reduced the cane and then formed into a triangle shape, cut it into three segments. Then put the three segments together , cut this in half and put them together to form a hexagon.
IMG_2584  IMG_2585  IMG_2588
IMG_2590  IMG_2592  IMG_2591
We made a couple of items before the end of class.
IMG_2598  IMG_2597  IMG_1076
Shelley’s pendant and earrings                                                                   Barbara’s Brooch                                                                                                 Julie’s pendant that matches her dress

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RAAF and TRMRG Helicopter Training Exercise

The RAAF Pearce came today helicopter exercise. The Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group provides assistance with a boat a) to standby in case a RAAF member gets into trouble in the water and b) the helicopter pilot will hover over the boat and the a man is winched down onto the deck. Over two days we did four hours of exercises. On the first day I was a crew  and on the second I was helmsman on the boat. This is part of my training to become a skipper. Here are some photos taken on the exercises.
IMG_2550    IMG_2525    IMG_2546   

IMG_1060   IMG_1074   IMG_2558
               Crew member Michelle Starmer                                   Crew Pam Annesley                                                                  Unusual vessel

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gifted – Group of Artist

A group of about 10 artists take over Elizabeth Morley’s spacious home once a year to display our creations and invite friends and family to browse for Christmas gifts. We had a good turn out this year with a variety of different artists.
IMG_2393  IMG_2397  IMG_2400
             silver and polymer clay jewellery                                    paintings & pastel drawings                                              textiles
IMG_2402  IMG_2403  IMG_2404
                  wood turning                                                                          felting                                                                         textiles
IMG_2407  IMG_2414  IMG_2415
                    paintings with a view                                                  bags & cushions                                                          life style readings
IMG_2405  IMG_2409  IMG_2410  IMG_2412
               felted jewellery                             paintings                                              cards                                                photo frames

Monday, November 05, 2012

Two Rocks Marine Rescue search for missing diver


A massive search was underway yesterday for an abalone fisherman missing and swept out to sea from Yanchep Lagoon on the first day of the abalone fishing season. The search involved three helicopters, specialist police divers, local police and marine rescue volunteers  and continued all day yesterday.

This morning the search resumed and I was at the base at 6.30am ready to board Guardian 1. Under the direction of Fremantle Water Police we searched in a grid formation, firstly close to the shore and then in 100 metre increments off shore. The winds were strong and seas were  two and half meters with swells up to three meters.

The Westpac helicopter searched above and the Yanchep Surf Life saving Group had jest ski’s along the shoreline. My arms were just about pulled out of their sockets just hanging on to a rail on the back of the boat during the search. After four hours we came back into Two Rocks Marina to refuel and then the search resumed until about 3pm. I am on duty again tomorrow if there is another search.