Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sculptural Polymer Clay Workshop

I had a lovely workshop today with a dozen ladies at Capricorn House, Yanchep. We made hearts and turtle pendants and embellished them with beads and hand formed elements.
   IMG_2171   IMG_2173   IMG_2193  IMG_2192
I wrote a tutorial on making the turtle which I will put up soon on my website
The students had good fun, all the turtles had their own character.
IMG_2170  IMG_2181  IMG_2191
Shelley wore a polymer necklace that she had purchased in a Perth market, 30 yrs ago. It’s a really innovative necklace for the time, the polymer elements were strung on telephone wire. I wonder who made it?
IMG_2186  IMG_2187  IMG_2188

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