Thursday, October 18, 2012

Contemporary Craft Retreat Day 2

On the second day at the retreat my workshop was ”Etching  Metal “. The students were etching into copper sheets which became the covers for a small book . They made the signatures from heavy paper and bound the book with a coptic stitch. They also etched copper pendants for jewellery.

IMG_2009  IMG_2010  IMG_2011

First we stamped or drew onto the covers.

IMG_2013  IMG_2014

Then the copper was immersed into a acid bath.

IMG_2015  IMG_2022

The copper is then cleaned and buffed.

IMG_2025  IMG_2027

Then we made the holes in the covers. Just look at the hills surrounding the conference centre.

IMG_2028  IMG_2031

Sewing the binding and decorating with charms.

IMG_2039  IMG_2040

The finished books.

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