Monday, September 10, 2012

Atlantis Marine Park - what’s left of it!

Recently on my morning walk I decided to walk through what is left of the once thriving Atlantis Marine Park. The surrounding fence has been flattened in many places and people walk their dogs through the park or take a short cut through to the shopping centre.
IMG_0956 IMG_0952 IMG_0950
The Atlantis Marine Park opened in 1981, with trained dolphins giving performances, paddle boats and many other attractions. Alan Bond who had purchased 20,000acres along the coastline eventually sold out to a Japanese company.
The giant limestone sculpture, King Neptune once a star attraction at the Marine Park still looks out surveying the park which is now in ruins.
These are some photos that I found on the internet of the Marine Park when it was a thriving tourist attraction.
Atlantis water park 7  Atlantis water park 8
Atlantis Reddicliffe photo2     Atlantis water park 2

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