Monday, May 21, 2012

Silver Metal Clay Reaches Yakanarra and Djugerari Communities

After a cold night the sun came up over the St George Ranges at Yakanarra.IMG_0057   IMG_0060
We collected some of the women who were participating in the workshops and set off for the one and half hour journey over tracks to the community of Djugerari where I was giving the workshops.
This is taken from Wikipedia “ Djugerari was established as a permanent Aboriginal community in the early 1980s by Walmajarri people moving from Cherrabun Pastoral Station where many of the men had previously worked as stockmen. The community became incorporated in 1983. Most of the people from Djugerari are part of the Walmajarri language group from the northern Great Sandy Desert Region of Western Australia.”
IMG_0092  IMG_0106  IMG_0096
IMG_0115     IMG_0196    IMGP7345

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Helen Cowans said...

Looks like a wonderful adventure. The Kimberleys are on our to do list for when we return to Australia :)

Fascinating land and history.