Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Zealand–Fourth Day

It was a very misty morning as I drove into the world heritage, Tongariro National Park which is the oldest national park in central New Zealand 330 kilometres south of Auckland. I remembered that I still had to drive 320 kilometres to be in Wellington that evening. The Park includes three mountains, Mt. Ruapehu, Mt. Ngauruhoe, and Mt. Tongariro.  Mt. Ngauruhoe the classic cone-shaped volcano, last erupted in 1975 and Mt Ruapehu erupted in 1995 and 1996.
image      image
These are views of the Mt Ngaruhoe 1974 eruption and Mt Ruapehu 1995 from the Auckland museum and civil defence NZ
On my way up to Mt Ruapehu, the largest of three magnificent volcanoes that make up the Tongariro National Park I stopped and had a short walk to the Tawhai waterfall.
IMGP7044   IMGP7057
Tawhai Falls                                                Mist clearing a little on Mt Ruapehu 2797 m high
 IMG_0240         IMG_0234
At the mountain top I had a coffee and explored the ski resort. It looked strange, all the ski facilities and no snow.
IMGP7050       IMG_0251
Leaving the National Park I headed down towards the coast, the scenery was amazing.
IMG_0274    IMG_0276
River crossing                                                  Boot Fence
IMG_0279   IMG_0281
Goat on a hill                                              Wild coast – Koitiata

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