Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Zealand – Day Six

My stay at the little cottage in Kaikoura was excellent, warm, comfortable and clean. The owners were friendly and full of information. They gave me free access to the internet so I could check my emails and loaned me a DVD “The Help” which was good as I had just finished reading the book.
IMG_0416    IMG_0429
View from my window when I woke up in the morning.
I set to do drive down the coastal road a few more kilometres before I turned inland to Hanmer Springs. I stopped to look at a tour boat following a pod of dolphins who were performing all sorts of manoeuvres jumping out of the water. While I was taking the shots I noticed an awful smell. I looked down onto the rocks and there was a seal colony.
IMGP7126   IMGP7132 IMGP7108    IMGP7110
I left the coast and headed inland. The colour of these leaves reminded me it’s autumn.
IMG_0443    IMG_0452
IMG_0461    IMG_0462

The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa has seven open air thermal pools, three sulphur pools and four private thermal pools. I didn’t go into any of them but had a look. Hanmer Springs offers the tourist bungy jumping, mountain biking and bush walking and skiing in the winter.
I stopped and watch people bungy jumping and wasn’t tempted to have a go myself.

This is the bridge where people jump from

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Helen Cowans said...

Thanks for reminding me of more memories - we spent a happy day and night at Hanmer Springs, I have the same photo of the bridge - only with snow on the hills.