Monday, April 16, 2012

New Zealand - Day Eight

Today I had to make my way back to the East coast to Christchurch ready for my flight back to Perth the next day. I travelled back up the coast to Kumara and then turned right to Arthur’s Pass.
IMG_0050   IMG_0690
IMGP7253   IMGP7251
In Arthurs Pass the scenery is beautiful with steep banks of sand created by landslides and greenery. I drove along the 440 mt Otira Viaduct which is 35m above the ground. It was built in 1997 with the first vehicles going across it in 1999. I took the photos from the lookout at the top of the pass. There were several Kea parrots, a rare alpine parrot known for their intelligence and curiosity. They made a bee-line for the aerial on top of my car.
IMG_0002          IMG_0001  IMG_0005  IMG_0702
The next place I stopped at was at Lake Pearson 125 kms west of Christchurch in the Southern Alps. There is a basic camping nestled underneath the mature willow tree and its popular for bird watching and trout fishing.
IMG_0046   IMG_0040
There were many other beautiful views as I drove towards Christchurch.
IMGP7264   IMGP7279
When I arrived at Christchurch I found a motel and then just down the road were still remains from the devastating earthquake that hit the city last year.
IMG_0075    IMGP7302

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