Friday, March 02, 2012

Colour Mixing Workshop

As part of a professional development day with my TAFE college C Y O Connor. I went along to a workshop at the Moora Fine Art Gallery for a practical day of experimentation of colour and exploration of David Gregson's techniques. There was an exhibition of David Gregson’s works organised by Art on the Move showing in the gallery so we were able to integrate the colour mixing exercises with viewing of the paintings.
The workshop was presented by Western Australian painter, Linda van der Merwe and described as ” exciting professional development for Teachers and Educators. This full day hands-on, practical workshop will explore colour mixing and painting techniques. and includes a tour of A Desire to Relate, an exhibition of paintings in oils and gouache by David Gregson.”
Here are some of the photos I took during the workshop:
IMG_0061   IMG_0058
The first exercise was to paint a colour wheel
IMG_0078   IMG_0059  IMG_0106
For the next exercise we choose a colour photo copy of one of David’s paintings and copied it using a palette of the split complementary colours. I choose the painting of fish.
IMG_0107   IMG_0108   IMG_0109
Students copied paintings along side the photocopy sheets.
IMG_0111     IMG_0110     IMG_0120
IMG_0121   IMG_0117
Students alongside the original paintings.

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