Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silver Metal Clay Rings

This weekend’s workshop was ring making techniques.
IMG_0056   IMG_0057

SAM_3453   SAM_3470

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silver Metal Clay with young students

Today I taught several young people the techniques of using the silver metal clay. They made some remarkable pieces of jewellery. The students are also remarkable as they are young carers.
Young carers are people under the age of 26 who help look after a family member who needs extra support at home. The person they care for may have a disability, mental illness, a drug or alcohol problem, or a long term illness. There are over 40,000 young carers in Western Australia, which means there are probably two in every classroom!
IMG_0018  IMG_0010  IMG_0011
IMG_0020  IMG_0023 IMG_0025  IMG_0024
IMG_0028  IMG_0032
IMG_0031  IMG_0036
IMG_0033  IMG_0039

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dichroic Glass and Silver Metal Clay

This weekend workshop the students used dichroic glass cabochons set into the silver metal clay.
These pendants are straight out of the kiln ready to be burnished.
 IMG_0058   IMG_0028
The finished pendants

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Albany Summer School – Textile Class

After a relax and sightseeing some of the beautiful coastline around Albany it’s back to work for the second week of the Albany Summer School. I am teaching a two day comprehensive class on techniques with free machine embroidery. It was good to see the students exploring layers and textures with a variety of fabrics and yarns.IMG_0715   IMG_0716
IMG_0731  IMG_0732
We used a hot soldering iron to burn away small sections of fabric to reveal glimpses of fabric underneath.
IMG_0721  IMG_0722
We made a fabric using threads, fabric scraps and a water soluble fabric. One student formed her work into a vessel.
IMG_0714  IMG_0734  IMG_0735

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Albany Summer School – Polymer Class

The students in this class did well, most of them hadn’t used polymer before.
IMG_0510    IMG_0419
IMG_0417   IMG_0415   IMG_0413   IMG_0420
We covered many techniques, millefiori patterns, including skinner blends and complex flower canes, as well as textures with mica powders. Here are some photos of the finished work.
IMG_0483  IMG_0484  IMG_0498  IMG_0497
IMG_0490  IMG_0493  IMG_0506  IMG_0489
IMG_0503  IMG_0519 IMG_0520  IMG_0502  IMG_0508

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Albany Summer School

Well ! I’m back from Sydney with only a few days to get all the materials together for my 5 hrs drive to Albany for teaching at the Albany Summer School. You can’t believe the amount of equipment that I have to get into my Subaru. Firstly there’s my kiln all 37 kilos of it, then there’s my oven for curing polymer clay, the de-hydrator for drying the metal clay, the sewing machine for textiles in the second week plus all the other tools and materials.
The students were great and did some fantastic work. Some of them have been coming to the Albany Summer School for many years, participating in the many different workshops and classes on offer.
Here are a few photos of the Metal Clay Class:
IMG_0421   IMG_0465  
Straight out of the kiln                        Finished work displayed
IMG_0396   IMG_0399   IMG_0405   IMG_0423   IMG_0435
IMG_0437   IMG_0442   IMG_0454   IMG_0425   IMG_0430   IMG_0453