Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sunset at Two Rocks

A beautiful sunset today after a very hot day.
 IMG_3327  IMG_3330  IMG_3337
 IMG_3351  IMG_3355

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with my family & friends

Perth is gripped in a heatwave that has been extending over several days. With temperatures of 40degrees we spent Christmas beside and in the pool.
IMG_3283  IMG_3267  IMG_3274 
Ruth and Brendon encouraged “Charlie “ into the water.
IMG_3288  IMG_3287  IMG_3291
Brendon got more than her bargained for.
IMG_3301  IMG_3302 IMG_3296
Another swim and glazing the ham
IMG_3309 IMG_3316  IMG_3319
Enjoying the family meal.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silver Metal Clay–Mother and daughter’s class

Today in the studio I taught tow mothers each with their daughters jewellery making with silver metal clay.

What a wonderful bonding session for them. They made some lovely pieces. i am going tom see them back again in February for the dichroic glass workshop.


  IMG_3219  IMG_3221  IMG_3233

IMG_3224  IMG_3235  IMG_3222  IMG_3237

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Polymer Clay at Capricorn Community House

Another great creative morning at the Community House. Students used translucent polymer clay with the opaque clays to form focal beads with dimension.
  IMG_3204  IMG_3205  IMG_3207  IMG_3211
IMG_3213  IMG_3214

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Strange Cloud over Two Rocks

Towards sunset this amazing cloud formation built up along the coast near Two Rocks.

IMG_2997       IMG_2998   

The sunset was pretty spectacular that evening.

  IMG_3032   IMG_3029

Friday, December 07, 2012

C Y O ‘Connor Institute Visual Arts Exhibition

The opening night of the Art exhibition by the Cert III & Cert IV students was well attended and a great success. The students are studying painting units with Julie Stitt and sculpture & textiles with me.
IMG_2956   IMG_2949  IMG_2970
John Scott, Director – opening the exhibition                        Julie chatting with John Scott                                   Viewing the artworks
IMG_2822  IMG_2838  IMG_2831  IMG_2980
‘Pop ‘by Sue Cray                                     Wood Nymph by Shelley Higham        Pole dancer by Sue Cray                 Garden Fairy by Diana Hawkins
IMG_2827  IMG_2824  IMG_2830  IMG_2861
Tornado by Deb Campbell                         Archer by Kristy Neuman                  Family Tree by Eleanor Butland          No Place to Run by Eleanor Butland
IMG_2884  IMG_2849  IMG_2887  IMG_2880
Slice of Paradise by Eleanor Butland       Fabricating by Margaret Oversby                Textile by Merryl Snowden                      Anchor by Linda Lyons
IMG_2883  IMG_2886  IMG_2850  IMG_2885  IMG_2862
IMG_2852    IMG_2897    IMG_2890    IMG_2851