Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Rocks Marine Rescue Group

At training today we practised maneuverers in the marina on Sea Guardian 2. I was taught how to come along side the jetty in wind and I practised slow turns on the boat’s axis. After that I had to put in way points in the navigation system and take the helm and steer a narrow passage through a reef. The training instructor always provides a full on morning.
My brother, Alan came out as a guest and was very excited when we spotted some humpback whales. Alan took these photo’s.
IMG_0875  IMG_0861
IMG_0867  IMG_0877
IMG_0879  IMG_0904
IMG_0891 IMG_0910

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunset at Two Rocks

Enjoying another beautiful sunset and a glass of wine.
IMG_0079   IMG_0089
IMG_0106   IMG_0109

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ruth’s birthday

My lovely daughter Ruth has turned 27! It was a good celebration as my brother Alan, sister, Sue and sister in law, Jackie are here on holiday from England.
IMG_0033       IMG_0050

Friday, October 14, 2011

Contemporary Clay Retreat – Canberra

I’m off to Canberra for the weekend, teaching three workshops. It’s going to be a very busy time with the teaching and catching up with old friends.
I’ll put up some photos from the conference centre.
IMG_0057    IMG_0062
Demonstrations and show ‘n tell on the first evening
IMG_0068IMG_0067  IMG_0101

    PMC Pro Workshop

IMG_0073    IMG_0095
Rachel Azulie -  Mask Workshop                        Lex Sorrentino – Sculpture
IMG_0084    IMG_0087
My Extruder Workshop
IMG_0094   IMG_0147   IMG_0157   IMG_0177
Tutor’s Shop                            Wilma’s spirit dolls                   Felt beads                            Megan’s pendant
IMG_0176    IMG_0193
Farewell Photos                                              Leaving Canberra

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Weekend Workshops

A busy weekend with a Silver Metal Clay workshop on Saturday and Polymer Clay Workshop on Sunday.
The ladies did really well and made some interesting pieces.

IMG_0007  IMG_0003  IMG_0020     IMG_0018
IMG_0002     IMG_0011
IMG_0013     IMG_0021