Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finger Print Jewellery

This weekend I had a two day private class with a lady who is very interested in starting a hobby business in making silver keepsake jewellery. This class is continually popular where people like to learn how to press a child’s fingerprint or make a stamp of a child’s drawing to imprint into a piece of silver. There are franchises of this type of business for people to purchase but the cost is huge.
IMG_0017    IMG_0019
The drawing, hand or footprint is printed onto a transparency. A photopolymer plate is made by exposing the plate and transparency to UV light. The silver clay is pressed into the stamp and shaped for the jewellery item.
IMG_0028    IMG_0036
The clay is dried, sanded and ready for firing with a butane torch
IMG_0040    IMG_0038
Once the silver has fully sintered it is polished. Here are ‘Dad’s’cufflinks.
IMG_0021    IMG_0041
IMG_0014    IMG_0014
The proud mum and her pendant.

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Kizza said...

So this is how they make fingerprint cufflinks and others, Wow! I adore it so much.