Friday, August 26, 2011

Geoffrey Gurrumul in Concert

Tonight I went to the Perth Convention Centre to see Geoffrey Gurrumul in concert. He has such a haunting voice. The musicians that accompanied him where excellent. Gurrumul is a member of the Gumatj clan of north east Arnhemland and he sings about the stories of that clan. He was a band member of Yothu Yindi  until 1992.

IMG_0314   IMG_0314 - Copy

Two Rocks, Another Sunset

Beautiful sunset this evening at my favourite spot. I often go there to watch the sunset, I take a glass of wine and my camera, chill out and watch the view.
IMG_0294   IMG_0300
      IMG_0304   IMG_0313

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Etching on Copper

I love the idea of drawing with a permanent marker onto copper and then immersing it in the etching solution. I can doodle a design or draw a picture.
These are a few copper items that I’ve done.
IMG_0157   IMG_0158
This technique opens all sorts of ideas because the etching can be used as a stamp of later for enamelling.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Darwin to Perth

Sadly I had to leave the warm Northern Territory and fly back to Perth. I hope to come back next year for another visit.
The vast spaces of the countryside always amazes me and I am drawn to capture its beauty with my camera. Here are some of the scenes on my flight back to Perth.
IMG_0203   IMG_0211
Darwin – a little hazy due to burning off                                               Tidal flats
IMG_0220   IMG_0223
Plateau                                                                Sand Dunes
IMG_0230   IMG_0242
River Tributaries                                                                     Open Cut Mines
IMG_0244   IMG_0246
Salt Lakes                                                          Paddocks of flowering Canola
Swan Valley, Perth

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Edith Falls & Mataranka

My daughter Ruth recommended that I visit Edith Falls. She told me it was an spectacular place and well worth the visit, so I drove the 50kms from Katherine early in the morning. There are a series of waterfalls to visit, I walked up a steep escarpment to a most beautiful sight.

IMG_0018   IMG_0027

IMG_0028   IMG_0043

Later in the day I drove to Mataranka and visited the thermal pool where water gushes out of the ground at 32 degrees Centigrade.

IMG_0118   IMG_0134

Monday, August 15, 2011

Katherine Gorge

One of my students very kindly loaned me her car so I was able to sight see in the two days before I flew back to Perth.

I went on a cruise up the Katherine Gorge located in Nitmiluk National Park. Katherine Gorge is actually a series of gorges, 13 in all, cut into the colourful limestone over 23million years. The Three Gorge tour takes four hours. You travel by boat to the end of the first gorge and then walk a few hundred meters to the next boat, which takes you up the second gorge. There are aboriginal rock paintings to view along the walk and a swimming hole to cool off in on the return journey. Another boat takes you to the end of the second gorge and a then a walk to the next boat. The third boat trip is much shorter and at the end we walked a short way into Gorge number four.

Katherine-Gorge2   Katherine-Gorge1

Katherine-Gorge4   Katherine-Gorge3

freshie   freshie-2

There are Freshwater crocodiles in the gorges which are not bothered by all the attention. Usually only freshwater crocs inhabit the gorge but during the wet season and floods, “”Salties”, Saltwater crocodiles can sometimes make their way into the gorge. After “The Wet”, National Park officers clear the area for saltwater crocodiles. The├┐ use traps like this one to capture them and then relocate the saltwater crocodiles to another area.

Croc-trap  Guide

Saltwater Crocodile Trap                                   Aboriginal Guide “Rocky

Friday, August 12, 2011

Katherine Festival, Northern Territory

I took part in the Katherine Festival by teaching polymer clay jewellery techniques at the Territory Craft Rooms. The students made some awesome beads for necklaces, textured cuffs, book and box covers.
Territory-Craft-14.8.11-group   Kalidescope-Canes
Territory-Craft-12.8.11-cuffs3  Territory-Craft-12.8.11-cuffs4  Student3
Caron-Leith  Student  Student2
Katherine Festival:
During the community comes together to enjoy a wide variety of arts and entertainment over a period of ten days. The event has included the Katherine Prize Art and Craft Acquisition Awards, exhibitions, workshop activities, Aboriginal culture and a Family Fun Day.
I was invited to attend the evening showing of the Katherine prize is the oldest art & craft award in the NT,  awarding over $7,000 in prizes. This was the Official opening of the 2011 Katherine Festival. A beautiful evening of art, food & entertainment under the stars.
One of my talented students, Helen Aland exhibited a beautiful painting.
Katherine-Art-Prize-helenaland      Katherine-Art-Prize-winner
Helen Aland – Besse Springs NT                  Winner -   Jan Milner Cole – Days End

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flight to Darwin

This morning I drove to the airport early in the morning to catch my flight to Darwin. I wore layers of clothes as it was freezing but knew I’d be peeling them off later in the day as the temperatures in the Northern Territory have been in the mid thirties. I had a bit of a panic as I was stuck in early morning traffic for what seemed ages. However I got to the airport in good time and found the long stay car park where I was leaving my car for the six days I am away.

I had booked a window seat on the Qantas flight. I like to see the terrain below me. There was hardly any cloud cover so I had a perfect view of the vast open spaces.

IMG_0046   IMG_0048

IMG_0053   IMG_0063

IMG_0072   IMG_0075

The views of rock formations, sand dunes, salt lakes and river systems are a great source of inspiration for my art work, both in jewellery design and textiles.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Helicopter Exercise

Today at the Two Rocks Sea Rescue we were involved with a helicopter exercise just off the coast.
IMG_0043    IMG_0054