Thursday, July 14, 2011

Silver Metal Clay

In the studio, I have been making some earrings. I have some beautiful little fresh water pearls that I purchased from Ann & Doug Stone and I ‘ve been wondering how to incorporate them with some silver. I use one of my hand carved texture mats for the front and textured wall paper for the backs. I dried the discs over some marbles to give them the shape, then dapped them in my dapping block to finish.
Dapping Block  dapping tools and block
I used Liver of Sulphur patina to oxidise the silver and burnished the high spots. The earring hooks I made by balling up sterling silver wire with a torch and bending them over a pencil. The small pearls are threaded onto sterling silver wire and hooked onto the earring hooks. I am going to sell these on my website for $40AUD. Anyone want a pair?
Earrings pearl   Earrings pearl back

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