Monday, July 18, 2011

Electro Forming Workshop

Today I had a private workshop with one student who was eager to try electro forming. She brought along some semi precious stones, a rose quartz crystal and some  silver pendants.
We first organised some copper texture to add to her doughnut and triangle pendants.
  IMG_0060   IMG_0059
Then we worked on a fine silver pendant. We added a fractured rose quartz crystal that fitted a cut out portion of the silver pendant. Although electroforming over a pure silver pendant was a bit strange but, as the copper layer over the silver would be very thin we decided that we could remove the copper layer in some areas.

This is the result. The copper layer over the silver was removed with a dremel. The silver and copper were oxidised with Liver of Sulphur. The high spots of the copper were burnished. I think it looks neat.
IMG_0067   IMG_0076
IMG_0073   IMG_0072
This was a pretty ordinary turquoise foil glass bead. it was transformed by adding the copper electroforming and adding the other portion of the fractured crystal.


Purky said...

Wow, that is a fascinating process :) The results are lovely as well.

Can you electro form in a domestic environment?

Pam Annesley said...

Hi Purky,
Yes it is a fascinating process. It's very easy once you have the equipment. My unit is produced by Sherri Haab,
You cover the area you want electroformed with a conductive paint and attach a copper wire. This is immersed in the tank through which a low electric current passes. Over a period of time copper is deposited on the conductive paint.
It's just amazing! cheers, Pam

Purky said...

Thanks for the information, Pam. Thats brilliant to know.

When I get settled in my new house I am going to give it a go :)