Thursday, July 07, 2011

84 Group Textile Retreat

Just back from Avalon Homestead where my textile group had a few days playing with fabric and threads. The homestead is well set up for craft groups, there’s plenty of tables to work on, the food is good and it’s a beautiful setting in the countryside.
Here a few photos that I took.
IMG_0002   IMG_0004
                        Morning Mist                                           Sunrise
IMG_0018   IMG_0020
                         Rooms                                               Avalon Homestead
 IMG_0024   IMG_0043
             Work room
These pics are of a scarf I made using a recycled woollen jumper, yarns and FME cotton print fabric
   IMG_0025           IMG_0028
I sandwiched wool and yarns between layers of water soluble fabric and  free machine stitched to hold them together. I cut out some flowers from a printed fabric.
 IMG_0046   IMG_0049
I stitched around the edges to stop them fraying. After I washed away the water soluble fabric i stitched the fabric flowers on to the scarf. That’s it!


witchery said...

You really have to see Pam's work to appreciate the beauty of it. I especially love the Textile creations so I will be doing a class or two in various mediums.
Great work Pam!


Pam Annesley said...

Thank you Stella for those kind words. I hope you can come for a workshop soon. Pam