Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fingerprint Jewellery

There is a great deal of interest in Fingerprint/Keepsake Jewellery around at the moment. People are investing thousands of dollars into franchise businesses here in Australia, UK and in the US. It amazes me that people would spend all that money on a franchise. The process is very easy and it’s one that I teach in a class in a day.
These are some photos from a Fingerprint workshop. The students made some different types of jewellery.
IMG_0019          IMG_0029
    IMG_0047       IMGP4721
My colleague, Maggie Bergman has produced an e-book on making fingerprint jewellery. The book covers different methods of capturing images of children’s drawings for jewellery, taking clear fingerprints, taking Children's hand & footprints


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Kylie Anderson said...

handprint jewellery are like the best gifts for everyone.