Thursday, December 16, 2010

R & R on Rottnest Island

Just back from a couple of days on Rottnest. It’s one of my favourite WA destinations. I love the relaxed atmosphere, the scenery and the snorkelling.
This is Little Salmon Bay. Here you can step off the beach into pristine waters and see dozens of fish and colourful coral.
IMG_0129         IMG_0128
This is an Osprey on her nest.
I saw a Dugite which is a very venomous snake. It was over a metre long. It was just lying in the sun under a cliff. You have to be wary of these snakes, looking out for them while walking along the footpaths. Generally they will disappear if they hear you coming.
Quokkas are in abundance, you see these little marsupials everywhere.
Bathurst Lighthouse
Yummy lunch at Aristos before catching the ferry back to the mainland.

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