Friday, November 26, 2010


I’ve been experimenting with a new piece of equipment that I have just purchased from Roz at the Eclectic Studio. Its a Sherri Haab Dual Etch and Electro former. With this unit I can etch my own designs into copper or fine silver and with the electro former I can encase beads with copper.
This is my first experiment. I dug out some old polymer beads, these are Premo pearl clay with a smidgen of silver foils,  alcohol inked and have a coating of Kato liquid clay over them.
Next, following some of the swirls on the beads I painted on some graphite paint.
IMG_0054          IMG_0050
I threaded the beads on thin copper wire and suspended them over the plastic container and made sure they didn’t touch the sides. Then they went into the electroforming solution.
IMG_0062          IMG_0064
I connected up the terminals to the control unit and turned on the current.
After 3 hours the copper had been deposited where I had painted the graphite. I have yet to take the beads off the wires. I might patina the copper.
On the whole I am pleased with the result for a first try. I‘ll have another play tomorrow.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yanchep/Two Rocks Art Exhibition

Today I went to see an exhibition by Angie Beck. I got to the venue at opening time only to find Angie outside waiting for a dance class to end so that she could set up her exhibition. Of course I helped hang the prints and got to know Angie a little. It’s good to meet a fellow artist in the area.
Yanchep/Two Rocks hasn’t got a community gallery so artists like Angie juggle an exhibition between immunisation clinics, play group and dance classes.
Angie’s work involves photographs and scans of everyday objects which she manipulates in Adobe Photoshop. The exhibition was inspired by the beautiful beaches and surrounds of Yanchep.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bridgetown Blues Festival

Good Music, Good Friends!


Bridgetown Street


Max Curry


Indian Ocean Road

Here are some of the sights to see along the Indian Ocean Road. I had a good weekend at the cervantes Arts Festival. A friend and I put a tent up and camped in Cervantes on the Friday which was the opening night.
We spent alot of time visiting the hamlets of Grey and Wedge, which brought back many memories as I have spent alot of time in the region especially at Wedge Island.


The Pinnacles

Ocean View

New Road.... Lancelin to Cervantes