Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Just when I was having a bit of a 'downer day' and had alot on my mind....................picking and grading fruit, markets, driving delivering orders, carrots........and ontop of all that, ex husband making threats............I then had a phone call from the St John's Ambulance dispatch needing a crew to attend a patient with chest problems. I said I was available to attend so a quick change into my uniform and drive to the ambulance sub centre. This certainly took my mind off my troubles and was fully concentrating and alert for the call out.

I was the first of the crew to arrive, so I opened up the garage drove the ambulance out and awaited the rest of the crew. The AAC (person in charge) arrived and told me it was a priority one and I was driving. Lights and siren going it was full to attend to the patient and transport to the hospital one hours drive away. Luckily most of the traffic was coming away from the city so we had a pretty clear run to the hospital. Staff at the hospital had been alerted to our arrival and we handed the patient over to the doctors.

Our job was done, we drove back to the sub centre, cleaned and reequipped the ambulance ready for the next call out.

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