Saturday, May 23, 2009

Article Published

Check out Issue 8 of Fibre&Stitch online magazine
Packed with in-depth articles exploring a variety of mixed media techniques using paper, fibre and stitch!
Garden Statue

Create an outdoor sculpture by special guest author Pam Annesley

I have written a tutorial for this issue of Fibre & Stitch magazine. The owners of the magazine follow my blog. They saw the photos on my 'swinging ladies' that I have on my verandah. They thought their readers would like to make something simimilar.

I teach Garden Statues and Swinging Ladies as a workshop from my studio.


I have a friend Kim, who looks after sick or injured kangaroos. She releases the kangaroos back into the wild when they are well. Many of them return to her property towards sunset when she gives them a snack. I took these photos recently when visiting her one afternoon.
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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Silver Projects


Syringe Earrings

Dry Construction Pendant

Slide Pendant

Embellished Ring

I have completed these projects for my PMC Level 1 Certification. They will be assessed by a PMC Senior Instructor.
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