Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all my readers!

I haven't made  pastry in years but decided to have a go to get in the Christmas spirit.

Mince pies ready to eat.

With not much to do on Christmas day, it was a time for experimenting and making something. This ring is sterling silver, polymer clay and jade.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Published in Australian Beading magazine.

The December Issue of Australian Beading is now out and it contains my Editorial and the Master Class project that I wrote.
The project is 'Festive Earrings' using copper and bronze clays. I had to write a step by step sequence. It was hard trying to take the photos with one hand holding the camera and the other demonstrating a procedure.

It was sad to see the photo of 'Tess'. She's been gone now for about 8 weeks and I miss her running down the steps to meet me when I get home. It's very quite in the house without her.

Metal Clay Workshop

I had hardly cleared up the studio of fabric and threads, when I had another workshop teaching Metal Clay.

Using Makin's cutters for shaping a pendant.

Finished items, textured earrings and a pendant.

Pendant with cubic zirconia stone.

Busy Time Teaching

Students dyeing fabrics at the textile workshop.

Free Machine stitched sample.

Adding fibre, fabric scraps and threads.

Ready for stitching.

Free Machine Stitching.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Santa Came Early!

The thought of spending Christmas on my own has not filled me with much 'Christmas cheer'. I decided if I am alone over the Christmas holiday I might as well indulge myself. Consiquently I splashed out and ordered these books from Amazon and in next to no time they were here.
It's a temptaation to read them all before the Christmas holiday but then I wouldn't have much to read on the day. I'll just have a peak now and then!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mixed Media Collage

I had a visit on Monday from Hector and his friend, John. They have been touring Western Australia and whilst staying in Fremantle found the time to come up to my studio in Bindoon.
Hector is part of the Contemporary Clay Instructors Programme and we had met up before when I was teaching in Sydney.
Hector made a mixed media collage on art canvas board. It depicted aspects of his touring journey. We had a good time playing with alcohol inks,water soluble oil pastels, embossing powers and a variety of other mediums.

Hector's Journey Collage

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hadar's Book

Hadar's book arrived in the mail. It's another good one.

The pic of my work published in the book.

Off Shore Racing again

Clodagh ....the skipper

BabyStar .....our competitor in our divison

The start

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sudden Loss of Tess

I am very sad and lonely, my border collie Tess, has died. These are some photos that I would like to share, they show her characture a little. 
Tess was infact my husband's dog. When he abandoned me he also abandoned his dog, infact he only took the things that were important to him.( the farm handtools, our fishing boat and our camping gear) He didnt even take a photo of Tess or Ruth our daughter.

It's her watermelon!
Tess and I went camping together

I am lonely without her.