Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from USA

What a fantastic trip I 've had. Met some lovely people, learnt so!

After checking out Los Angeles, we drove to Tehachapi for a few days workshops with Karen Lewis alias "Klew". She and her husband, Carl showed us such warmth and hospitality. Jen and I are pictured here on July 4th, Indepenence Day. We were invited to share their family BBQ.
This is me concentrating and cutting a translucent polymer cane that I had made with Klew.

We worked at making translucent canes and covering a base bead. This one of the beads in progress.

One Klew's amazing beads.


H.D. Campbell said...

what a pretty bead! looks like you had fun on your trip

MargaretR said...

What a lovely trip you must have had. I'm sure you have been even more inspired to create lovely things.