Thursday, January 17, 2008


A very good friend visiting Perth, invited me to lunch. I saw on the menu the controversial Patagonian toothfish, so decided to try it out, hoping this was all 'legal'.
The Patagonian toothfish is considered one of the tastiest fish you can buy. It has distinctive white flesh, high in oils with an even texture. The main customers are Japan (where it is known as mero) and the USA (where it is known as Chilean sea bass).
Patagonian Toothfish (Antarctic sea bass)The Patagonian toothfish may not be the most beautiful creature you've ever seen but it is a truly remarkable fish. Of the 20,000 known species of fish in the world, only 120 live in the Southern Ocean. Throughout the past 40 million years they have adapted to the freezing conditions by developing a special 'antifreeze' component in their body fluids. Antarctic fish are especially vulnerable to overfishing because most species take a long time to become sexually mature and are long lived.
"The Verdict" was yummy.