Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Picasa Bloging

I have downloaded Google's Picasa on my computer. This is an image file manager but also has a feature to allow posting to Blogger. I thought this would be useful as I could immediately post images without the hassle of diminishing the file size in Photoshop and then publishing. However the two posts I made through Picasa are somewhere in cyberspace and have not been published on my blog. So its back to 'saving for web' in photoshop till I get it sorted. Anyone with any ideas?

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Liz said...

Have you got Hello as well as Picasa, Pam? I found it a bit complicated to set up but once I did it worked okay. In fact, I missed it once I moved to Wordpress. But... I'm afraid I can't remember now how to do it as I uninstalled it after I moved my blog cos I couldn't use it anymore...

I have just started using Windows Livewriter and it's brilliant - you can use it for Blogger too - you can write posts and do photos as well. I really like it.