Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sun Dyeing Workshop & Native Garden

Here are some photos I took at the workshop and in the garden.
These are from a Eucalypt, I'll have to ask which one it is.

These nuts are from the previous year.
The top left nut has a little spider inside, you can just see its legs.

These pics are of the Illawarra Flame Tree or Kurrajong seed pods.
I looked up Kurrajong as 'Bush Tucker' and found the following: Kurrajong FlourHighly nutritious seeds extracted from hairy pods of Kurrajong and Illawarra Flame Trees. Roasted and ground they produce an exceptional rich, dark flour.

The workshop was held at a friend's studio and her garden was full of native plants and trees. I took a few photos but will go back and take some more.

I had a very full on workshop on Saturday and was totally exhausted at the end of the day. All the students had a great time and although the sun wasn't out all day (infact we had some rain and had to put our samples under cover).

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