Thursday, August 24, 2006

Playing with paints & paper

This week I've been playing with my new paints H2Os. I bought a pack with 24 tiny jars each with 5grms of paint in them. All you have to do is add water with a brush and away you go. I added water and all the lids were really hard to get unscrew the next time I used them. Now I've taken all the lids off and will leave them off.
Anyway this pic is the start of a meandering book. The book is a series of triangles. With this sample book, I have sewn textured paper motifs onto the painted fabric paper. I plan to make another book using stamp motifs.

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France said...

Hi Pam, France here from aussiepolyclayers :) I love your stuff!!!!
I have H20's and I have removed all the lids (though I keep them as they are great to mix colours in) and I put them in those A4 storage things... clear, with 2 black clips, about 2 cm high. So I can see the colours quickly too, and they get to air dry nicely (good idea to not tip the storage case on its side until all the paints are dry again though!!).