Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm still playing around with my collage pics.
This pic is the result of playing in photoshop. I've printed it onto fabric, ready to stitch into. I'm thinking along the lines of a wall panel incorporating other nostalgic Paris related motifs.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another triangle book

This is the other triangle book I made this week using some of my collage images.

Playing with paints & paper

This week I've been playing with my new paints H2Os. I bought a pack with 24 tiny jars each with 5grms of paint in them. All you have to do is add water with a brush and away you go. I added water and all the lids were really hard to get unscrew the next time I used them. Now I've taken all the lids off and will leave them off.
Anyway this pic is the start of a meandering book. The book is a series of triangles. With this sample book, I have sewn textured paper motifs onto the painted fabric paper. I plan to make another book using stamp motifs.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Collage Bag

There's a storm raging across Perth at the moment and I'm snug and warm playing with collage papers. I made this bag with the 'Paris' images that I prepared for the WA Craft & Stitch Show. Good fun, but I don't know whether I'll actually use it. Might be good for storage of papers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Class with Jacinta

In between teaching classes and demonstrating at the Craft Show, I managed to partake in a class myself. I used some watercolour paints called 'Twinklin H20s' and embossed rayon velvet using heat and paint over a stamp. Here are pictures of the results. Jacinta, Chris Atkins and myself were very busy with classes at the show with nearly all classes full. It was good to meet up with Jacinta, she was a special guest from Victoria.


I have received a lovely postcard in the mail from a textile friend.
It looks as though she has printed a computer generated image onto fabric and embellished it with gilded puff paint and dozens of french knots in silk ribbon and varigated threads. The postcard was a thank you for a page that I did for her Round Robin book.