Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Makins Air dried clay – the possibilities!

A good workshop with lots of creative people at Creators Corner in Canning Vale. This delightful craft Shop is owner by Irene Alberts and Karin Posthumus, both are very talented and skilful people.

Jen Tattam give some interesting ideas about using the air dry clay made by ‘Makins’.

IMG_0885  IMG_0887  IMG_0891

The dried sheets of clay can be decorated with all sorts of paints, inks and markers.

IMG_0895  IMG_0899  IMG_0897  IMG_0907

Jen brought some pre-made bangles and cuffs so the students could cut there painted sheets with scissors and glue them onto the bangles.

IMG_0905  IMG_0908  IMG_0901

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