Monday, September 22, 2014

Extruding Polymer Clay

Years ago I use an extruder to make canes for ‘dotty beads’.

Here are some pendants I made in 2007


020  019  011  007 

I used the extruder in a different way in 2009


  IMG_0060  IMG_0061  Dotty ring

IMG_0062  IMG_0063

In 2010, I bought Ronna Sarvas Weltman’s  book and experimented with some of the projects extruded bangles and pendants.

IMG_9189  IMG_0028  IMG_0055

Earlier this year at the Euro Conference I again played with the extruder in Klavdija’s  class and made these beads:


There wasn’t time in the workshop to paint the beads or finish, so I completed the necklace when I returned home in May. Since then I have used the extruder to make many different jewellery items.


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