Friday, August 01, 2014

Telling Stories of People and Place - Exhibition Opening Night


I was invited to join six other artists to  share stories of people and places important to us. Wendy Lugg, the curator and artist has excelled in putting the exhibition jointly together with Murray from the City of Wanneroo in the gallery at the Wanneroo Cultural Centre.

There are over 100 works on display in a variety of media including painting, cyanotype, jewellery, digital print and textiles.  Artists, Wendy Lugg, Angie Beck, Marjorie Coleman, Michele Eastwood, Elizabeth McCaig and Karen McClurkin all have stories to tell in their own mediums.

The gallery is well laid out and when I delivered my jewellery and painting seemed vast.

IMG_6727   TS Install 4   IMG_6877 

                                                                              Before                                                                                                                                                    After

IMG_6854   IMG_6842   IMG_6849   IMG_6856

                                                             People looking at my exhibits

IMG_6827   IMG_6831   IMG_6843   IMG_6839   IMG_6857

                                                                                  Pam Annesley  –  Acrylic Painting, Silver and Polymer jewellery

IMG_6859   IMG_6915   IMG_6923   IMG_6863   IMG_6924

                                           Elizabeth McCaig – Cyanotype on paper & cloth                                                              Marjorie Coleman – hand stitching

IMG_6860   IMG_6919   IMG_6878   IMG_6910

                     Angie Beck – digital print on canvas                                                                    Wendy Lugg – hand stich and print on cloth

IMG_6884   IMG_6870   opening

                                                           Wendy opening speech

IMG_6858   IMG_6861   IMG_6939

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