Monday, March 17, 2014

Sculptures by the Sea Exhibition

I visited Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe Beach. A temporary sculpture park overlooking the Indian Ocean.

IMG_3183   IMG_3189   IMG_3187

IMG_3194   IMG_3202   IMG_3199

IMG_3205   IMG_3208   IMG_3223

IMG_3216   IMG_3214   IMG_3215

IMG_3221   IMG_3220   IMG_3224

IMG_3226   IMG_3233

IMG_3240   IMG_3294  

IMG_3227  IMG_3250   IMG_3263

IMG_3271  IMG_3272  IMG_3282

IMG_3276  IMG_3275  IMG_3268  IMG_3289  IMG_3290

IMG_3298  IMG_3299  IMG_3309

IMG_3311  IMG_3314  IMG_3324

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