Monday, March 17, 2014

Sculptures by the Sea Exhibition

I visited Sculptures by the Sea Cottesloe Beach. A temporary sculpture park overlooking the Indian Ocean.

IMG_3183   IMG_3189   IMG_3187

IMG_3194   IMG_3202   IMG_3199

IMG_3205   IMG_3208   IMG_3223

IMG_3216   IMG_3214   IMG_3215

IMG_3221   IMG_3220   IMG_3224

IMG_3226   IMG_3233

IMG_3240   IMG_3294  

IMG_3227  IMG_3250   IMG_3263

IMG_3271  IMG_3272  IMG_3282

IMG_3276  IMG_3275  IMG_3268  IMG_3289  IMG_3290

IMG_3298  IMG_3299  IMG_3309

IMG_3311  IMG_3314  IMG_3324

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Lorelie and I had a few stops before heading back to Perth. One was at Gabriel’s Chocolate.

Gabriel Chocolate is Western Australia's first bean-to-bar chocolate maker. They import the world's best cacao beans and turn them into "single-origin" chocolate bars at the Yallingup chocolate gallery.

  IMG_3148  IMG_3153

Cacao beans from around the world

IMG_3151   IMG_3146

Margaret River Silk Road

IMG_3154  IMG_3159  IMG_3160

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Visit friends in Dunsborough

Back in 2007 I had an exhibition with two textile friends Diana Vincent and Lorelie Smit. This week we got together again in Dunsborough.


Diana moved to Dunsborough a couple of years ago, but tragically has recently been diagnosed with a cancer. Di remains cheerful and still indulges in quilting, albeit on a smaller scale.

Lorelie, Diana had a lovely lunch at Bunkers Beach Cafe overlooking the beautiful bay.

20140311-IMGP0027   20140311-IMGP0042  20140311-IMGP0043

I had a walk to Castle Rock early next morning.

20140312-IMGP0050  20140312-IMGP0071  Pam Castle Rock BWH1(1)

IMG_3052-2  IMG_3038-2  IMG_3062-2

I found this little yellow crab hiding under a rock.

20140312-IMGP0094  IMG_3105-2