Monday, October 28, 2013

Swimmer missing from Yanchep Lagoon Beach

At about 6.30pm on Saturday evening I had a call out from the base at Two Rocks Volunteer Marine Rescue that a man attempting to swim across the lagoon at Yanchep had been swept out to sea. Guardian I our fast response boat was dispatched from Two Rocks Marina.
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We searched in a grid formation at 50metre spacing for several hours in the dark and using hand held spotlights.
The search resumed the following morning with two of our boats and also the Water Police boat and helicopter.
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IMG_1395  IMG_1401  search
The search using boats and police divers failed to find sign of the missing man. Several of the news channels came to film at the beach.
ABC gave this report:  Swimmer missing from Yanchep Lagoon.  The search was called off in the afternoon until first light this morning.
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We again searched for hours with the Water Police and helicopter, but again there was no sign of the missing man. The Police finally suspended the search.

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